Friday the 13th of October 

Our Story

So here's what happened, Erin's cousin Sean is best friends with Ray. One day when Erin came out to San Diego to visit after graduating high school , she met Ray at Sean's house. Years passed and they hadn't seen each other, then one spooky Halloween Erin came to San Diego to visit and they crossed paths again and here we are now 7 years later, getting married! Holy Cow!


Our engagement has been a strange vortex of time, it feels like  we have been engaged forEVER yet it seems to have gone by so fast! It seems like just yesterday we were at our cute little beach house in Haleiwa, Hawaii and Ray was standing out by a tree stump nervous as hell with the waves crashing behind him waiting for Erin to come outside to ask her to be his wife.


Friday October 13th, 2017

At 6:00 in the evening

Marina Village Baja Room

1936 Quivira Way San Diego, CA 92109

Frolicking and food immediately following ceremony

Solid black attire required


Please RSVP no later than September 13th!